Birth Defects Surveillance

I’m proud to announce that the Manual I designed for the World Health Organization has been awarded by the BMA Medical Book Awards 2015 as “Highly Commended” for Public health.

Birth Defects Surveillance.
A Manual for
Programme Managers

World Health Organization, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention and International
Clearinghouse of Birth Defects Surveillance and
Research – World Health Organization, August
2014 ISBN: 9789241548724 CHF 25
Programme managers

This manual is intended to serve as a tool for
the development, implementation and ongoing
improvement of a congenital anomalies
surveillance programme, particularly for countries
with limited resources. The focus of the manual
is on population-based and hospital-based
surveillance programmes. Some countries may
not find it feasible to begin with the development
of a population-based programme. The manual
focuses on the methodology needed for the
development of both population-based and hospital
based surveillance programmes. Further, although
many births in predominantly low- and middleincome
countries occur outside of hospitals, some
countries with limited resources may choose to
start with a hospital-based surveillance programme
and expand it later into one that is population
based. Any country wishing to expand its current
hospital-based programme into a population-based
programme, or to begin the initial development
of a population-based registry, should find this
manual helpful in reaching its goal. This manual is
a collaborative effort between the World Health
Organization (WHO), the National Center on Birth
Defects and Developmental Disabilities from the
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) and the International Clearinghouse for Birth
Defects Surveillance and Research (ICBDSR).

“This book has a clear objective of being a manual
for specific purpose, fulfils this objective by a
combination of clear layout and methodical
approach first to principles behind a programme
and then to categorisation of defects. The clear
unambiguous text is complemented by excellent
use of colour figures and illustrations. I thought this
was an excellent manual. It has been kept concise
enough to function as a useful manual for a novice
programme manager, but is still comprehensive
in covering both theoretical and practical aspects
of setting up a programme. Its style throughout
is fluent but easy to read, with clear definitions
both of principles and of specific conditions. The
figures and illustrations are used well throughout to
complement the text.”

With DR. PhD Juan Pablo Pena-Rosas

— with Myriam Pena Rosas at BMA House.




Alberto March, is a double silver winner, in the 2015 Summit Creative Award® competition and the 2015 Communicator Awards®, for its creative work under the category of PSA (Public Service Announcement) for its creative poster design and Integrated Campaign, which was part of the concept created by Leda Santodomingo.

Receiving two Silver International Awards as the best in communication honored the campaign title “NI UNA VICTIMA MAS” and design excellence, in addition is presented and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA).

The concept developer, the journalist Leda Santodomingo has partnered with “Mujeres Latinas en Acción”, the oldest Latino women non-for-profit organization in the United States, to help disseminate the information on an issue greatly affecting the Hispanic/Latino women and that most media outlets avoid talking about. The image concept was created by Alberto March /GrafMarc; photography by Carlos Marques and the model Veronica Rasquin.

Entries in 23 major categories are judged against a stringent set of standards. During the blind judging events (entering company names withheld) judges search for innovative and creative concepts, strong executions and the ability to communicate and persuade.

“Winning a Summit Creative Award is a significant accomplishment. The combination of our excellent judges and the tough judging criteria ensures that only deserving entries receive Summit recognized.” Said Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director for the Summit International Awards. “It was an exciting year to watch and listen to the judges’ debate the details of individual entries. Making the decisions of which ones receive the top spots is hard.”